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After you receive your back compensation, the employer pays our fees!

The Billhorn Law Firm is recognized as a prominent national name in FSLA wage and hour law, representing workers with valid wage and hour violations against their employers. Attorney John W. Billhorn has focused exclusively on employment law litigation and disputes since beginning his practice in 1987, helping clients protect their rights in the workplace.

We know that many workers don't know where to turn for legal help to recover wages lost because of employer's non-compliance with wage and hour laws. Client Services Manager Jodi Hoare ensures exceptional client service, and remains available and responsive to your needs throughout your case. When you hire the Billhorn Law Firm, you will know we care about the outcome of your claim.

Our lawyers are committed to defending workers.

If you have a wage and hour complaint against your employer or former employer, put our experience at your side and recover the compensation you are entitled to under the law.

Discover what exceptional client services really means from your attorney. Contact the Chicago office of the Billhorn Law Firm to schedule a no-cost consultation.

Under the Federal Labor Standards Act, after we recover your back wages your employer is required to pay our attorney fees. We are aggressive.

We know how to thoroughly investigate your claim. We help you fight for your rightful compensation.

Employment Law Practice Areas:

Hourly wage employees

Salaried employees

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