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Focused Wage And Hour Representation In Chicago And Denver

In the last 30 years of practice, Billhorn Law Firm in Chicago and Denver has earned a national reputation for our aggressive and focused representation aimed at getting workers the pay they have earned. Far too many employers look for ways to sidestep the Fair Labor Standards Act and other laws that establish the rules for overtime pay, minimum wage, record keeping and classification of workers as exempt or nonexempt. We focus exclusively on holding employers accountable for payroll violations. The rules and processes that apply to litigating wage and hour disputes are highly specific and differ substantially from general employment law claims. Our substantial courtroom experience in this focused area of the law can be your advantage in getting the back pay that you have been unfairly denied.

Focused On Results

Since 1987, we have served as the premier resource for workers in wage and hour litigation. We level the playing field against the power of employers who unlawfully refuse to pay workers the full wage they are entitled to receive under the law. When you call to arrange your free consultation, you will quickly recognize that we are committed to obtaining the best possible results. Our legal team, led by founding partner John W. Billhorn and litigation manager Jodi Hoare, draws on decades of experience to achieve results. We know how to thoroughly investigate your claim. We remain accessible and responsive to ensure that each client understands the status of his or her case every step of the way. We can help you fight for your rightful compensation.