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Common Industry Or Job-Related Disputes

Common practices often develop within an industry or in a sector of the economy. In the area of employment law, industry-specific rules under the law, as well as the expectations and behaviors of consumers can create unique rules. For instance, the common practice of tipping servers, bartenders, room service personnel and similar workers has led to distinctions in Illinois and federal laws governing minimum wage and overtime rules for tipped employees

At Billhorn Law Firm in Chicago, we are well-aware of the unique situations in many sectors that create industry specific exemptions and exceptions to wage and hour law. Our focused experience in litigating pay disputes is invaluable for clients who are being denied their lawful income. Whether you have a grievance about back pay, overtime compensation, withheld tips or commissions or a wide range of industry-specific pay violations, we have the resources to help you recover your lost earnings.

Some of the complex cases that we excel in pursuing that require the detailed knowledge that only experience can provide include:

  • Commission sales pay violations: Retail and service industry establishments that pay workers on a commission basis can easily violate minimum wage and overtime laws due to slow business or misuse of the FLSA exemption for commission sales roles.
  • Farm worker pay violations: Wage and hour laws provide small farms and agricultural employers with specific exemptions from minimum wage and overtime laws. The exemptions and exceptions are complex and certainly not absolute. Many farm workers and related “nonagricultural” workers are denied fair pay under federal law.
  • Restaurant, service industry and tip credit violations: Restaurant and service industry employers often rely on customer tips to comply with wage and hour laws. Unpaid wages, overtime and minimum wage violations are common as businesses sidestep or misapply tip credit, tip pooling and other common mechanisms in calculating worker income.
  • Pay violations related to irregular hours and Belo plans: When work schedules fluctuate drastically from week to week, some employers may seek to pay workers a fixed paycheck rate to manage costs and allow workers to have a more steady income. The narrow rules for this type of arrangement, commonly called a Belo plan, are complex and can be easily violated.
  • Dual payroll overtime pay problems: Working two jobs for the same organization does not allow your employer to split your time into two payroll systems for the purposes of minimum wage and overtime laws.

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