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Representing Farm Workers In Pay Disputes

Farm workers do not receive the same amount of protection under the Fair Labor Standards Act as employees in many other industries. Because the FLSA provides exemptions for agricultural employees, laborers on farms are often subjected to abusive labor practices, including wage theft related to unpaid hours and minimum wage pay violations.

Addressing Pay Abuses In The Agricultural Industry

Since 1966, the FLSA has required larger agricultural employers to pay many farm laborers a lawful minimum wage, as well as to maintain proper records regarding working hours (small farms, as defined in the FLSA by total man hours worked, are still exempt from having to pay minimum wage). Unfortunately, many unscrupulous larger operations deny workers their full and lawful pay. In many cases in the agricultural industry workers are paid on a piece-rate basis, forcing workers to rush against the clock, but still resulting in low wages.

Regardless of the method of calculating pay, agricultural operations that have used more than 500 man days in any quarter of the previous year must comply with minimum wage requirements of federal law. Moreover, agricultural operations and farm labor contractors often employ workers who perform nonagricultural duties. These related positions are not exempt from the minimum wage and overtime provisions of the FLSA.

Rely On Our Knowledge And Effective Experience

Wage and hour laws are generally complex. Analyzing wage and hour violations, as well as the exemptions and exceptions that apply to farm labor, agricultural jobs and related work require the focused eye of a dedicated FLSA claims lawyer. Attorney John Billhorn at Billhorn Law Firm in Chicago practices exclusively in wage and hour law. We know how to investigate claims and fight for results when employers commit minimum wage or overtime pay violations.

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