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Aggressive And Effective FLSA Wage And Hour Litigation Representation

Whether you receive low wages for your hard work, or have a substantial salary, the potential for you to be the victim of unlawful pay violations exists. Businesses in Illinois are constantly looking for ways to improve their own bottom lines. Often, sidestepping state and federal fair pay laws is a tactic an employer may turn to at the expense of workers. Billhorn Law Firm in Chicago and Denver has a long-standing tradition of aggressively and effectively turning the tables in court to get our clients the back pay they have worked so hard for.

State And Federal Laws Protect Your Right To Receive Lawful Pay

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was originally adopted by the U.S. Congress as the Fair Labor Standards Law in 1938. The provisions of the act include regulations that employers must follow regarding federal minimum wage, overtime compensation, exempt workers status and other workplace rules.

FLSA regulations are complex, and in many cases employers do not understand all of the provisions and take no steps to learn how to comply. In other cases, employers bend or ignore the rules to increase profits or balance their budgets at the expense of their employees.

At the Billhorn Law Firm, we help workers receive the compensation they have earned from employers who do not comply with wage and hour laws. We focus entirely on wage and hour law. Whether you have a grievance about back pay, overtime compensation or the hours you are required to work as a salaried employee, we can help you recover your lost earnings.

A National Reputation Earned Through 30 Years Of Fighting For Workers In Illinois

The name of attorney John W. Billhorn is recognized nationally as a leading wage and hour employment attorney. When you hire Mr. Billhorn’s firm, you will receive exceptional client service, responsive communications, and an honest assessment of the merits of your claim and the likelihood of recovery.

For more information about the wage and hour regulations, Fair Labor Standards Act, additional state law provisions under the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act and the Illinois Minimum Wage Law, and how we can help you receive the pay you have earned, contact the Billhorn Law Firm to schedule a free consultation today.

The wage and hour laws violated most often include:

A Note About Receiving Back Pay For Undocumented Workers

The law makes it clear that employers are responsible for following FLSA wage and hour regulations for all employees, including workers who are undocumented. If you were an undocumented worker and are owed overtime pay for work you performed when you were on the job, you may be eligible to receive back pay.

We’ll help you stand up for your rights and receive the compensation you have earned. Traductor/intérprete disponible.

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