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A Chicago Employment Law Firm Focused On Wage And Hour Laws

Since attorney John Billhorn founded the Billhorn Law Firm in 1987, we have focused exclusively on wage and employment law and helping workers receive the back compensation and punitive damages they are entitled to under the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

An Aggressive And Effective Trial Lawyer

We know that workers don’t know where to turn for help when their employers are unaware of the laws or are cheating them out of earnings. We work aggressively to help you stand up for your rights, and demand the money you have earned. We understand the federal wage and hour rules, and we know what tactics employers use to avoid paying fair and lawful compensation.

If you have a grievance against your current or former employer regarding back pay, overtime compensation or working conditions, contact the Chicago overtime labor law attorney’s office of the Billhorn Law Firm to schedule a no-cost consultation. When you hire us, you are not alone. When you hire us, attorney John Billhorn will work directly with you. Led by Litigation Manager Jodi Hoare, we provide exceptional client services that keep you informed at every step of your claim. We’ll work hard to make sure you receive the money you have earned. We know you take your workers’ rights seriously. So do we.

We know how difficult it is for you to choose a lawyer. For that reason, we will speak to you in an initial consultation at no cost to you to evaluate your circumstances. We are driven to help workers get the money they have earned and will fight to obtain the best possible outcome in every case we take on. Wage violations can occur in every industry, impacting retail workers relying on commission sales, farm and agricultural employees, restaurant workers who rely on tips, as well as people who work odd hours, or irregular schedules, and those who have dual roles with one company.

Our FLSA Wage And Hour Litigation And Overtime Law Practice Areas Include:

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