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Fighting For Results To Get Back Pay For Travel Time Violations

Many workers are required to travel between job sites throughout the workday. Others frequently attend seminars or other functions at different locations than their usual workplace. Traveling for work can add up to significant amounts of time. Some employers misunderstand the rules, while others often try to keep their expenses down by unlawfully withholding pay for compensable travel time during the work week.

The legal team at Billhorn Law Firm in Chicago and Denver knows how to investigate and evaluate complex unpaid wages claims such as travel time violations. As an established wage and hour litigation firm we are committed to fighting for workers to get the back pay our clients have been denied.

Know Your Right To Be Compensated For Travel Time

Travel time is often overlooked as a part of the workday. If you regularly travel for your employer, you deserve to understand when, and if, you are entitled to being “on-the-clock” when you are on the road. Attorney John Billhorn has a strong command of state and federal wage and hour laws. We offer free consultations for workers who are not getting paid for the hours they actually work. We can fully explain how the rules regarding travel pay apply to your specific circumstances. In general, the FLSA recognizes travel that is “all in the day’s work” as compensable time. Common rules regarding travel time include:

  • Time spent in the normal commute: Most individuals understand that traveling to and from work during the everyday commute is not compensable as time spent working. However, if a worker is required to logon while on the train or other form of transit to perform work-related duties, the work may be compensable as time on the clock.
  • Travel time during a single day’s work: The FLSA recognizes travel from job site to job site as a part of the day’s work, as well as travel time used to attend a seminar at a different location during the workday as a work-related requirement.
  • Overnight stays in a different city: The most complex travel time pay disputes often involve overnight and multiple night stays in different cities to attend conferences, seminars and meetings. Typically, travel time during regular work hours is time on the clock under wage and hour laws. However, each case is unique, and workers should be paid for the work they perform. We analyze every detail of the employers’ expectations and our clients’ obligations in evaluating and addressing travel time pay violations.

Talk To An Accomplished Trial Lawyer Who Focuses Exclusively On Wage And Hour Laws

If you are being forced to work “off the clock” while traveling for work-related purposes, we urge you to arrange a free consultation to discuss your rights. Call 888-408-0401 or 888-408-0401 or contact us online now. We serve workers throughout Illinois.