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Are You Improperly Receiving A Salary To Avoid Overtime Pay?

It is happening every day in businesses all over America. Employers avoid paying overtime by giving a good, loyal worker an attractive title and then classifying the position as exempt from federal wage and hour laws. Many times, the required details of the exemption are not part of the actual job duties, and the employee is required to work many hours over 40 in a week without overtime pay.

At the employment law office of the Billhorn Law Firm, we help salaried workers fight back against employers who inappropriately classify them as exempt employees and expect longer hours with no overtime compensation. Attorney John Billhorn has 30 years of experience helping workers recover back overtime for improperly salaried workers.

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The law is clear about the required job responsibilities of exempt employees under the three “white collar exemptions” available: the administrative exemption, the professional exemption and the executive exemptions. Each of these exemptions has very specific job duty requirements, and a simple fancy “title” does not make the exemption legal.

A “Title” Without Teeth Is No Substitute For Proper Overtime Pay

As a general rule, if you have a big title without supervisory authority and your job does not require the exercise of independent discretion and judgment for major business decisions and you are working long hours over 40 in a week, your employer may be breaking FLSA overtime law. We draw on substantial courtroom experience in courts throughout Illinois to effectively obtain justice for unpaid wages, overtime pay violations and other FLSA claims, including:

To request a free consultation to discuss your grievances about your compensation as a salaried employee, contact us online now or call 888-408-0401 or 888-408-0401. Our overtime pay litigation team cares about getting you the compensation you have earned.