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Chicago And Denver Off-The-Clock Work Violations Attorney

Do you work for an employer who discusses work issues with you “off the clock?” Are you required to put on your work uniform before punching in, and take it off after punching out? Are you required to clean your work station or area before or after your shift? Are you routinely asked to extend your day to a 12-hour shift work, with the promise that the front office is doing employee comp time tracking? Under federal and Illinois labor laws, many employer practices, designed to get workers to do pre-shift and post-shift work, are illegal. If you have a legitimate grievance against your employer for violating regulations pertaining to employment law shift work, we can help.

Established In 1987, We Fight For Workers’ Rights

Since 1987, the wage and hour law office of the Billhorn Law Firm has been helping workers stop illegal wage practices and recover back pay they may be entitled to. Attorney John Billhorn has earned a national reputation for standing aggressively for workers’ rights under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

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If you have a grievance against your former or current employer for work shift violations, contact the Illinois fair labor law attorney’s office of the Billhorn Law Firm for a no-cost consultation about your claim today. Our firm, under the office management leadership of Jodi Hoare, has gained recognition throughout the Chicago employment legal community for providing responsive communications and exceptional client services.

Well-Respected And Highly Experienced To Produce Results

Wage and hour lawyer John Billhorn has earned a reputation for his thoroughness in investigating wage disputes and his exceptional courtroom skills in state and federal courts throughout Illinois. With decades of courtroom experience, we are fully capable of effectively handling the most complex wage and hour pay violation disputes, including:

To schedule a free consultation about a pre-shift or post-shift work grievance you may have with your employer, call our office in Chicago and Denver at 888-408-0401 or 888-408-0401.