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We Will Fight To Get You Back Pay For Improper Overtime ‘Bank’ Or Comp Pay

Far too many businesses look for ways to avoid paying overtime. It may seem like an even trade-off to get a few hours off work in the future for putting in time today. Unfortunately, your paycheck and financial stability are not well-served when your employer skirts the law. This is especially true when an employer regularly asks for extra hours and refuses to pay you for your time.

You Deserve To Get Paid For Your Overtime

Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) laws make it clear how overtime compensation must be paid, and the overtime rate a worker is to receive. The law is simple to understand, but is often ignored. Employers are not allowed to violate FLSA laws by having a comp time policy other than paying money for overtime worked. If you have been asked to work overtime in exchange for future time off, or additional vacation time or compensation other than money, you may have back pay coming to you.

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At the labor and wage law office of Billhorn Law Firm, we help workers recover the compensation they have earned for working overtime without pay. Attorney John Billhorn offers 30 years of experience exclusively in the legal field of FLSA wage and hour law, and has earned national recognition for effective, knowledgeable representation.

At the Billhorn Law Firm, you will experience the highest standard of client service and exceptional client communications, led by Litigation Manager Jodi Hoare. You will be kept informed of how your case is progressing at every step. To schedule a free consultation about how to recover overtime compensation money you have earned, contact the Fair Labor Standards Act attorney’s office of the Billhorn Law Firm.

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Employers use a wide variety of tactics to reduce their overhead at the expense of workers, resulting in overtime pay violations, including:

  • Trading vacation time for comp time
  • Overtime bank violations
  • Trading for days off
  • Exempt employee comp time violations

If you have been working overtime without receiving overtime compensation pay, call 888-408-0401 or 888-408-0401 to arrange a free consultation to discuss how to receive the pay you have earned. We serve workers throughout Illinois.