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How can wrongful termination impact you?

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2022 | Employment Law

Wrongful termination can cause you to feel disvalued and incompetent. You might question your every move, wondering what could have possibly gone wrong to make your employer terminate you.

The truth is that experiencing termination can impact your life for years to come. You deserve the right to stand up for yourself to prevent this circumstance from ruining your career.


Unlawful termination can happen because of discrimination, personal biases and unfounded claims against you. According to, despite your dismissal, you may still have the right to unemployment.

Following your termination, you may experience an onslaught of emotions. Confusion, guilt and anger can interfere with your ability to focus on other tasks in your life. When you feel ready to apply for another job, your past experience may jeopardize your productivity and cause you to feel paranoid at work.


You may also have concerns about what others will think of you when they find out about your termination. What do you put on your resume? What if potential jobs contact your former employer? These are valid concerns. Wrongful termination can hurt your marketability if you do not take action right away.

Seeking the support of people who can advocate for your rights may help you to mitigate the damages of wrongful termination. You deserve an explanation for why your employer let you go. If investigations reveal unfair or illegal reasons for your termination, you should receive adequate compensation for the distress you experienced, as well as the impact the circumstances had on your livelihood and your career.