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Wage & Hour Laws

How were your employee rights violated?

When our readers in Chicago hear about “wage and hour violations,” they probably think it sounds like a bunch of “legalese.” But, the reality is that this area of the law may have more impact on your life than you realize. Wage and hour violations are, unfortunately,...

Who is considered an exempt employee?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is an important piece of federal law that protects many workers and ensures that they are fairly compensated for the work they perform. Throughout Chicago, workers in many industries rely on FLSA legislation when they are denied...

Common forms of wage theft in Illinois

All Illinois workers deserve to be paid for an honest day’s work. If you feel your employer is taking advantage of you by failing to pay you for all the hours you work, you may be entitled to damages for their violations of wage-and-hour laws. Illinois employers have...

Rate of wage and hour law violations

When times are tough in Illinois and other states across the nation, those already in the lowest income bracket tend to experience them greater. In some situations, businesses may decide the best option is to trim finances by layoff their lowest paid employees, paying...