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Law enforcement officers make wage and hour claim for overtime

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2021 | Wage & Hour Laws

When workers in Chicago and across Illinois allege that they are not getting the wages they are owed for work they did, it is important to remember that this issue can impact anyone. It is not just lower-wage workers, those who might not have a full grasp of state laws, or people who fear retaliation if they complain about illegalities. No matter a person’s situation, it is important to understand how to take legal steps to get what is owed. One recent case highlights this reality as local police sergeants claim they were not paid the full amount they were due in overtime.

Sergeants file lawsuit over unpaid overtime

The lawsuit filed by the sergeants seeks more than $1.1 million for a longstanding failure on the part of their village to pay their overtime. Five current sergeants and one former sergeant who is now a commander are part of the case. According to the sergeants, they were required to show up to work 20 minutes prior to the start of their shift. This was to confer with the sergeant whose shift preceded theirs. The complaint asserts that this is a necessary part of their duties.

This requirement forced them to work beyond a normal workweek of 40 hours and therefore made them eligible to receive overtime. However, they were not paid for those overtime hours. They also claim that the village changed their shift time to avoid paying overtime. In their filing, they say that they were denied nearly 100 hours of overtime compensation annually while this practice was in place. They want damages, interest on what was lost, and for their legal fees to be paid.

Workers deprived of overtime should think about their options

It is unfortunately common for employers to try and take advantage of workers by using various underhanded tactics to avoid paying the wages and overtime they are entitled to. The lost pay can rise to a significant sum when it is fully calculated and victims should be cognizant of how to recover their pay. For those who are in circumstances comparable to these law enforcement officers or who believe they are being mistreated with minimum wage, meal breaks, classification and more, knowing how to file a claim is critical. A legal firm with experience in wage and hour laws might be able to help with pursuing a case.