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Who is considered an exempt employee?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2021 | Wage & Hour Laws

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is an important piece of federal law that protects many workers and ensures that they are fairly compensated for the work they perform. Throughout Chicago, workers in many industries rely on FLSA legislation when they are denied minimum wages, overtime pay, and other necessary compensation protections. However, not every worker in the country is protected by FLSA.

Some industries have their own wage and hour laws, but some individuals are exempt from FLSA due to their professions or duties. This post will identify some ways that workers can be exempt from FLSA protections. All readers with questions about exempt status or other provisions of FLSA are encouraged to contact their trusted wage and hour attorneys for help as this post does not provide any legal advice.

What does it mean to be exempt?

A worker who is exempt from FLSA protections may not use the law to gain rights to specific types of compensation. As stated, some workers in specific industries may have their own fair wage laws that protect them. Others may not be covered by any fair wage or labor laws by virtue of the work they perform.

Who is exempt from FLSA protections?

One of the biggest categories of workers who are exempt from FLSA protections are salaried workers. Individuals who receive a salary as opposed to hourly pay are not covered by the law. Similarly, individuals who earn more than $23,600 per year may be exempt from FLSA regulation.

A worker may be exempt from FLSA because of the work they perform. If a person performs high level work that is of an administrative, executive, or professional nature, their work may classify them as an exempt employee. Readers should understand that the information shared herein is not exhaustive and other types of employees may be exempt from FLSA.

Wages are a critical part of a worker’s compensation. When they are denied fair access to the money they earn, they have rights. To learn more about FLSA protections, readers can contact dedicated legal representatives for guidance and advocacy.