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Beware of these common wage violations

On Behalf of | May 2, 2022 | Wage & Hour Laws

A wage violation refers to the act of an employer not giving an employee the pay that they fairly earned. This occurs for many reasons. For example, a place of employment could be unaware of certain employment laws, or an employer could be deliberately keeping wages that belong to someone else.

These are some common wage violations to be aware of in Illinois.

Counting overtime incorrectly

Overtime pay refers to the pay rate of one and a half times an employee’s regular salary for every hour that they work over 40 hours during a week. Some positions are exempt from this pay. However, for positions that are not exempt, watch out for employers who classify or calculate this pay improperly.

Wrongly classifying overtime means that an employer classifies their employees as exempt from overtime when they actually are not. Wrongly calculating overtime means that an employer does not pay the employee the correct amount for the work completed during overtime.

Employers who violate either of these laws for overtime pay can expect to pay fines and back wages to employees.

Not paying an employee after leaving

If an employee had vacation leave as part of their position, the law states that the employer must pay the employee for any unused vacation time upon leaving their position. Employees must also receive any wages that they have already earned prior to vacating the company, regardless of the reason for leaving.

If you are aware of these common wage violations, you can better stick up for your rights at work.