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How can you prevent a dispute from derailing your career?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Uncategorized

A workplace dispute may leave you feeling hopeless and concerned about your job security. In serious cases, you might worry that the situation will tarnish your career.

Knowing how to handle a challenging situation could help you retain control. Responding with poise, dignity and professionalism can help people focus on your skills rather than what happened.

Take ownership

Disputes may occur for a number of reasons including poor communication, vague expectations and unmet promises. Often, a misunderstanding is at the root. If false accusations result in a dispute, you may feel defensive and angry. Even though it may require a lot of courage, take ownership of your actions.

If people inquire about what happened, share your story in a dignified manner. Pay particular attention to what you say about other people. Refrain from oversharing. If your situation involves legal activity, consult with your legal team before saying anything at all.

Work hard

Continue to put your best foot forward. Work hard and focus on the things you can control. If the circumstances of the dispute resulted in your termination, you might wonder how to explain your situation in a job interview. According to, interviewers may ask about the dispute and the reason your employer fired you. Focus your answer on your personal growth and the skills that you have.

Your response to a workplace dispute will determine how severely the situation impacts your career. With the right help and some cautious behavior, you can continue to progress your career and establish a reputation of credibility and capability. When others see your dignified response, they may find it easier to look past the dispute entirely.