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How can you ensure your employer pays you fairly?

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2023 | Wage & Hour Laws

When you go to work, you expect that your employer will pay you a fair wage for the tasks you perform and the amount of work you complete. Despite your hard work, however, you may still feel like your employer does not pay you fairly.

According to the Illinois Department of Labor, for workers over the age of 18, the minimum wage is $13 per hour. If your employer pays you less than this, or you feel like your employer should compensate you at a higher rate, the following strategies can help you protect your interests.

Talk to your employer upon hire

Upon taking a new position, find out exactly how much your employer will pay you. Ask your employer about the company’s compensation plan and what you can expect in terms of overtime pay and raises as you advance in your career.

Do your research

Find out what other employees in similar jobs and markets get paid. Base your expectations for your salary based on the going rate in your industry as a whole.

Negotiate as you advance your career

As you take on more responsibility at work or learn new skills related to your job, do not be afraid to negotiate with your employer. Talk to your employer about what you think is a fair wage and try to come up with an arrangement that benefits both you and your employer.

Even if you stand up for yourself in terms of your compensation at work, your employer may not agree with your expectations or try to withhold backpay. If this occurs, you may want to take legal action to protect your interests moving forward.