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Protecting your wages: reporting wage theft safely in Illinois

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2024 | Employment Law

Reporting wage theft can be daunting, especially for undocumented workers. You have rights, and there are safe ways to address wage theft without fear. Understanding these methods can help you secure the wages you’ve earned.

Document everything

Keep detailed records of your hours worked and wages paid. Save pay stubs, timesheets, and any correspondence with your employer. This documentation can support your claim if you need to report wage theft.

Get help worker centers and advocacy groups

Worker centers and advocacy groups can offer additional support. They provide a safe space to discuss your situation and offer resources to help you report wage theft. Many of these groups operate with the goal of protecting workers’ rights regardless of their immigration status. They often work anonymously, protecting your identity while helping you report wage theft

File a claim with the Illinois Department of Labor

You can file a wage theft claim with the Illinois Department of Labor. This process is confidential and protects your identity. The Department of Labor investigates claims and ensures employers comply with wage laws.

Employers who commit wage theft face penalties and fines. They are required to pay back wages and may face additional legal consequences. Reporting wage theft helps ensure these laws get enforced.

A final note on protecting your rights

Protecting your wages is crucial for your livelihood. Knowing your rights and the resources available can help you take action against wage theft safely and effectively. Empower yourself with knowledge and seek the support you need in this complex situation.